Capturing and analysing movements in industrial buildings


Valuing the real-time observation of the life of logistics buildings

The movements of people and objects are the life of companies. Knowing and analysing them bring a better knowledge of the processes and reveals unsuspected levels of optimization.

By reducing search times, unnecessary circuits, and pallet switching errors, logistics warehouses can earn more than 10% profitability, or nearly 4 € / year / m².


A cocktail of innovative technologies

DOPI is the alliance of an innovative optical sensor, edge computing technologies and a specific Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to this original architecture it is the fine modelling of the processes that becomes accessible. Predicting production drifts, detecting occurrences of risky behaviour, proposing avoidance solutions before the event occurs, are all new opportunities for logistics site operators.

Partner of large logistics groups since 2012

For many years, we have been supporting large logistics groups in their deployments of innovative systems. The DOPI project was born from this proximity. It allows us to be familiar with the needs of logisticians and to develop, for them and with them, valuable solutions in their business.


Expertise, pragmatism and flexibility


As with all data-driven applications, it is essential that the needs and objectives can be exactly defined in order to properly size the necessary infrastructure. DOPI accompanies you in this preliminary phase by guiding your reflection with regard to its expertise of use cases and cross-project construction.


Hardware solution

Based on your needs, DOPI defines the number and type of sensors needed for your applications, provides them and assists the installer in their installation. DOPI also performs control and commissioning operations after installation, the installation and initial setup of DOPI control software.

Custom software solution

DOPI provides "packs" of applications adapted to the main use cases encountered in your activities. These correspond to most requests. DOPI also proposes, in view of the innumerable possibilities offered by the system, to customize these standard applications to meet the needs of each site as closely as possible.


Architecture open to third-party applications

The DOPI network is an open network. Therefore, according to the adopted hardware architecture, any sensor of the market can be connected to it. The information delivered by these sensors is rendered on the network in an open database. This allows our customers or third-party providers to develop their own applications.


Real time data capture and transmission architecture

DOPI is a versatile and independent system. It can process the data provided by a large number of indoor geolocation or tracking systems.
For more demanding applications in terms of accuracy or speed, DOPI offers a specific infrastructure:

  • Network of radiofrequency transmitters (DOPI-com)
  • Specific optical sensors (DOPI-eye)
  • Light data concentration infrastructure (DOPI-dock).

DOPI-com : environmental data

The DOPI-com node is an intelligent, autonomous and programmable remote sensing and transmission device. It is multi-protocol and multi-standard, to adapt its modes of transmission to the constraints of the building and accommodate a wide variety of sensors delivering their information in various formats. It also hosts a specific sensor: the DOPI-eye.

DOPI-eye : movement data

Thanks to an on-board artificial intelligence permanently updated by the DOPI-com network, the DOPI-eye optical sensor analyses the movements and delivers information on the state of the processes hosted by the building. It can predict production drift, warn of risk situations, and propose solutions adapted to each circumstance in order to prevent and avoid unwanted events before they occur.

DOPI-dock : data storage

The DOPI system is largely organized around a distributed intelligence in the sensor network. However, for storage requirements, when a large computing power is required or for results viewing operations, a local server is needed.
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